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The Planning Of The Festival

The premiere festival is being run, as it was in previous years, by directors Dorothea Schroeder and Nina Gühlstorff. They're a true team: Both of them studied at the Bavarian Theatre Academy until 2001 and then in conclusion completed a semester abroad at the Moskau Theatre Institute GITIS, and both are familiar with Eastern Europe.

Dorothea Schroeder was born in North Rhine-Westphalian Mettmann in 1974 and worked for two years at a Croatian refugee camp after her Abitur. She then experimented in Dramatic and Slavic Studies in Erlangen before studying stage direction. In 2002 she stage produced "Zemlija Prostor (Raumland)" at the cultural centre of the University of Belgrad (AKUD Branko Krsmanovic), in which four women from former Yugoslavia reflect on what had happened to their country in the 90ies.

Nina Gühlstorff, who was born in Schleswig-Holstein’s Ratzeburg in 1977, spent a year in Poland before she went to the Bavarian Theatre Academy. Together she and Schroeder undertake socio-cultural projects with actors and laymen, such as the city tour "Zu Gast in Mettmann" in 2007. They even host a website together:

The projects for the dancing section of Spieltriebe 3 are still in the process of being planned. They will be supervised by Nanine Linning, who is taking over the management of the dance theatre Osnabrück from season 2009/10. Linning was born in the Netherlands in 1977 and completed her choreography training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. At the age of 25 she was a choreographer at the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, which rates as number three in Holland, where she supervised until 2006. Linnings choreographies are multidisciplinary and originate from everyday life, as well as from graphic art, music and architecture.


The Osnabrück Theatre is continuing in cooperation with the Academy of Visual Art in Maastricht with Spieltriebe 3. This means that the equipment for the festival productions is being made by stage-design and costume-director students. This year the following stage designers are taking part: Tobias Flemming, Annabel Fröhlich, Vera Nabbefeld, Lena Sofuoglu, Majorie Voorhuis, Juli Zippel as well as Johanna Fritz (HfbK Hamburg), Teresa Hahn (KHB Weissensee Berlin) and Sebastian Hirn.
The costumes are being designed by: Teresa Hahn, Elif Zeynep Ceren Korkmaz, Dirk Traufelder, Dominique Muszynski, Vera Nabbefeld, Floor Savelkoul, Asia Senen, Annika Kerstin Träger and Dirk Traufelder.

Stage Direction

Artistic Director Holger Schultze commented on the stage directors of the festival: "In Munich there is a separate festival called 'radically young' – at this festival 'radically young' is an added feature." About 50 young stage directors who had caught the attention of Osnabrück’s dramaturges were invited to an interview with the management of the theatre and the ensemble. The following stage directors are finally taking part at the Spieltriebe 3 festival:

- Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson, born in Reykjavik in 1978. Studied acting in Iceland. He completes his stage direction studies this year at the Berlin College of Dramatic Art "Ernst Busch".

- Markus Bauer, born in Heilbronn in 1977. After having studied humane discipline und having assisted in Stuttgart and Konstanz he started stage direction. Bauer lives in Konstanz and writes plays too: Last year he took part at the workshop days at Vienna's Burgtheater and in May 2009 "stehende gewässer" was introduced at the Stückemarkt (play market) of the Berlin Theatertreffen.

- Mirja Biel, born in Kiel in 1977. Completed an apprenticeship as a theatrical painter and her studies of art history and dramatic in Berlin before applying for a job as stage director at the Theatre Academy in Hamburg. Has been working as a stage director's assistant at the theatre in Bremen since season 2007/2008.

- Marie Bues, born in Erlenbach in 1980. Worked in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe after having studied acting in Stuttgart and was part of the ensemble of the Württembergian Landesbühne Esslingen. Came to the Theatre Basel in 2006 as a stage director's assistant and stages productions herself too.

- Solvejg Franke, born in Dresden in 1973. Studied music direction at the College for Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin after completing musicology and teacher training in music and German. Was a committed assistant stage director at the Theatre Heidelberg. Now lives in Berlin and works as a freelance stage director.

- Jan Christoph Gockel, born in Gießen in 1982. Completed his stage direction studies at the Berlin College "Ernst Busch" with a premiere of Nina Enders' "Die Wissenden" in 2009 at the Berliner Schaubühne. Was responsible for the premiere project "Deutschlandsaga" at the Schaubühne in 2007/2008.

- Julia Heinrichs, born in Essen. Studied psychology at the University of Konstanz, where she now works as a lecturer for education in communication. Received theatre education from Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Was stage director's assistant at the Theatre Konstanz and is also at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich.

- Sebastian Hirn, born in Munich in 1975. Studied stage direction at the Wiener Max-Reinhardt-Seminar, creates stage designs himself and stages musical theatre too.

- Nina Mattenklotz, born in Gütersloh in 1980. Studied stage direction at the Theatre Academy in Hamburg and was awarded the "Hamburger Doctores-Völschau-Prize for talented stage directors" for her diploma staging of "Woyzeck" in 2008.

- Corinna Sommerhäuser, born in Cologne in 1976. Started studying dramatics in Vienna after completing an apprenticeship as a cook. Gained her first important experience at the "Wiener Project Theater Studio". Worked as a director's assistant at the Hamburg Thalia Theatre from 2002 until 2008, interrupted by a year of travelling in India, Thailand and Pakistan. Her premiere of Anne Habermehl's play "Letztes Territorium" was invited to the 'radikal jung'-festival in April 2009.


As a matter of interest all fitters and stage directors are being accommodated together in Osnabrück's barracks area (Westerberg and harbour) which has been empty since the withdrawal of the British Troops and for which a new use is being searched. Part of the festival is also taking place there.

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