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theme: premieres

Debates, interviews and background reports on the topic of German premieres.

June 2009. The Cologne publishers Marc Schäfers and Tobias Philippen doubt whether there is a commandment to deal with foreign theatre in a structured way and answer the interview from Schultze and Popig with this thesis.

June 2009. Which role do the translators play in the network of publishers, agencies and theatres? Karen Witthuhn describes how much luck, endurance, flair and enthusiasm is needed in order to turn a good English text into a just as good German text in her report on translating plays.

May 2009. A foreign play can certainly have several German premieres. Tena Štivičićs "Fragile!" is such a case: the play was already performed at the theatre TKO Cologne, however, it didn’t have a publisher. Petra Kohse describes how it came to this.

May 2009. Europe is growing. Since the gradual expansion of Europe since 2004, relatively few European plays are being performed in German theatres. Have the theatres lost their capacity with the growing numbers of world premieres to look around abroad for new drama? Holger Schultze, artistic director of the Theatre Osnabrück and his leading dramaturge Jürgen Popig explain in an interview why there should be more to an exchange than just visiting guest performances.