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Short information on Mission:London

Backward, corrupt and lazy? Varadin Dimitrov was chosen to improve the image of Bulgaria in western society as an ambassador in London. When he arrives three days early, he soon realises that a lot of work needs to be done.

The cook is in a conflict with his wife, a hung-over mayor floods the bathroom and the former ambassador doesn't want to give up his position. Varadin Dimitrov turns to a PR-agency for help, who promise him access to high society. Next to all his efforts he also needs to make a good impression on the high society of Sofia. Alex Popov's "Mission: London" comically exaggerates the idea of the opening of communism to capitalism, in which everybody has to find their new place.

by Alek Popov
Translated from Bulgarian to German by Alexander Sitzmann

Stage director: Sebastian Hirn
Set Design: Sebastian Hirn
Costume Design: Dirk Traufelder

With: Nicole Averkamp, Johannes Bussler, Rosemarie Fischer, Steffen Gangloff, Laurenz Leky, Dominik Lindhorst, Sophie Lutz, Dietmar Nieder, Thomas Schneider.

Premiere on September 4th 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, Theater am Domhof

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