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Short information on Cycling for Malawi

As is well known, globalisation is approaching, and Trude and Hannes don't only have problems with their cameras made in China. It is Saturday afternoon. The couple who are sitting on the roof terrace, waiting for friends, and simply just quickly want to take a picture with the self-timer. The position of the sun is ideal, "everything is ideal" say Trude.

However, the camera doesn't work - and one begins to suspect that its owners can't always be as ideal as they'd like to be. Nathan Vecht puts the rule to the test in his play and sends the needy neighbour over. Olga is lonely, whimsical, demanding, and above all much closer to home than a suffering child in the third world, for whose wellbeing Trude does a great deal. She, who always wants to be a do-gooder is now confronted with the fact that it. A schizophrenic situation, that Vecht describes someone wants to take benefit of realistically.

Cycling for Malawi
by Nathan Vecht
Translation from Dutch to German by Petra Serwe

Stage director: Julia Heinrichs
Stage design: Tobias Flemming
Costume design: Floor Savelkoul
Dramaturgy: Annika Trentzsch

With: Julia Köhn, Jan Schreiber, Katharina Quast.

Premiere on September 4th, 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, Winkelhausen-Kaserne/Turnhalle 1

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