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Short information on Fragile!

The play "Fragile!" by Croatian playwright Tena Štivičić is written in English and brings together people from different migrant backgrounds,who go in and out of the Bulgarian Michi's club.

For example Mila, who's Croatian: She wants to become an actress, but currently performs as a singer in Michi's bar. Another example is Serbian Marko, son of a wartime profiteer: He lives with Mila and works as a waiter, yet his dream is a career as a comedian. Then there’s the Norwegian, Erik: He had traumatic experiences as a war correspondent, now he is a cynical media person and having an affair with Mila. Another one is young Tiasha, who was in a relationship with Erik when they were in Bosnia and was later forced to work as a prostitute. Now she is trying to force herself back into Erik's life, although long believed to be dead. In London, the place of longing and projection, the characters search for the forgotten and the future- and still find disillusion.

by Tena Štivičić
Translated from English to German by Karen Witthuhn

Stage direction: Corinna Sommerhäuser
Stage design: Tobias Flemming
Costume design: Aisa Senen
Dramaturgy: Patricia Nickel-Dönicke

With: Andrea Casabianchi, Clemens Dönicke, Steffen Gangloff, Julia Köhn, Katharina Quast, Johannes Bussler, Christel Leuner

Premiere on September 4th 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, Winkelhausen-Kaserne/Maschinenhalle

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