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Short information on Journey to the Inside of the Room

Until now 32-year old Jerzy Haut hasn't been used to being responsible for himself. This is about to change: Against the advice of his best friend Gold, he finally moves into his own flat in Warsaw.

What Jerzy doesn't know is that he was chosen by two extremely strange directors- a Judas and a jobless stage curtain- as a victim of a Mephistophelian experiment. While his friend steals his job and girlfriend, and his parents treat him like a child, Jerzy gradually loses his mind in his room and also his sense of the outside world. Michal Waczack's "Journey to the Inside of the Room" develops to a grotesquely evil game about inside and outside, delusion and reality.

Journey to the Inside of the Room
by Michal Walczak
Translated from Polish to German by Doreen Daume

Stage direction: Marie Bues
Stage design: Lena Sofuoglu
Costume design: Floor Savelkoul
Dramaturgy: Tobias Vogt
Stage director’s assistant: Stephanie Schmidt, Maria Welzel

With: Dominik Lindhorst, Friedrich Witte, Saskia Boden, Verena Fitz, Oliver Meskendahl, Jan Schreiber, Thomas Schneider

Premiere on September 4th 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, emma-theater

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