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Nicoleta Esinencu

esinencuNicoleta Esinencu was born in Moldovan Chişinău in 1978. She studied dramatics and started writing her own plays where to put it mildly she extended the spectrum of subjects and structure of form of Moldavian drama. You can read more about this in the report on the theatrical landscape of the Republic of Moldova by Irina Wolf.

"FUCK YOU," was released in the Reader of the Romanian Pavilion of the 51. biannual festival in Venice in 2005 and created a political controversy in the Republic of Moldova. The previous year the drastic portrayal of society in form of a monologue of a disobedient daughter ("Daddy, I have to tell you something...", German by Helga Kopp) won the dramacum prize for young playwrights in Romania.

More enraged plays followed: "Zuckerfrei", A (II) RH + and "Antidot". Esinencu received several scholarships abroad, for instance in Germany and France, and her plays were performed there as well as in Russia, Japan, Sweden and Austria. In 2007 she set up a theatre group, the Mobile European Trailer Theatre, which unfortunately has few opportunities of performing in the Republic of Moldova.

Read the approach towards the work of a political author from the edge of Europe by Petra Kohse and listen to Nicoleta Esinencu reading from her play.

(photo copyright: Theatre of Osnabrück)