Sonntag, 01. August 2021

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Maja Pelevic


Maja Pelevic was born in Belgrad in 1981 and studied scenic writing in her hometown. She then attended courses with the performance guru Richard Schechner in New York. Having done so, she had the best requirements to bring a fresh breeze into the theatrical scene of Serbia, which Jovan Cirilov will depict for us.

Although she is so young, she is seen as a leading representative of a new Serbian drama. Pelevic's post-dramatic texts express the attitude towards life of a generation that is connected to the rest of the world thanks to modern technology and  which has access to all kinds of temptations-yet is threatened by loneliness.
A few titles of her plays speak clearly: For example "ESCape" (2004), "Maybe We Are Mickey Mouse" (2007), or "Hamlet Hamlet Eurotrash" (2008). Maja Pelevic became famous in the German media for a short while, when she declared that she would be writing a play on Natascha Kampusch's kidnap.

Orange peel is the second play to be performed in Germany, her two-cast piece "Belgrad-Berlin" was shown at the popular theatre of Berlin in 2005. Verena Mayer approaches this piece that deals with the search for identity of a young Serbian woman.

And here you can hear (and see) Maja Pelevic reading from her play.

(photo copyright: Theatre of Osnabrück)