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Paul Pourveur

pourveurPaul Pourveur was born in Antwerpen in 1952. He studied film in Brussels and followed workshops scriptwriting in the USA. He started to write for theatre in 1985. Pourveur grew up bilingually, and writes some of his plays in French, and some in Flemish.

A few of his Flemish texts, apart from Shakespeare is dead – get over it! (2002, translated by Uwe Dethier, who kept the English title) are also the plays "Locked in" (2001), "Bagdad Blues" (2005), "L'abécédaire de temps (post)modernes" (The Abc Book of the (post)modern times, 2008) and the youth play "Lilith@online". At the moment Paul Pourveur is associated artist at the French theatre Rideau de Bruxelles as an author.

A background report by Georg Weinand, dramaturgic manager of Amsterdam's DasArts Institute, gives information on the theatrical landscape of Belgium, multilingualism and the corporation of arts. And here you can hear (and see) Paul Pourveur reading from his play.

(photo copyright: Theatre of Osnabrück)