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Kristian Smeds

smedsKristian Smeds was born in 1966. He studied at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki and from 1996 to 2001 was head of the Takomo Theatre where six actors were employed. During this time he laid the foundations of his work, which as he now says enabled him to test the possibilities and boundaries of theatre. More about the structure of Finland's theatrical landscape is presented in a background report by Jukka-Pekka Pajunen.

As a challenge to himself, Smeds went to Kajaani as Artistic Director in 2003. Kajaani is a small town with a high rate of unemployment, about 600 kilometres north of Helsinki. It was a successful attempt to create a theatre in the middle of nowhere. Smeds worked in the Baltic area for three years after that. He always directs his plays himself, which are often adoptions of Finish novels.

In the meantime he has his own ensemble, the smedsensemble, which also coproduces internationally. In Brussels in February, "Mental Finland" was created: an evening built on the basis of Smed's feelings of unfamiliarity towards Central European mentality.

He usually deals with existential topics like love, death and religion. His play God is beauty, which was created eight years ago, is still in the repertoire of the Finish National Theatre. A detailed profile on the play by Katrin Bettina Müller can be read.

(photo copyright: Theatre of Osnabrück)