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Tena Stivicic

Tena Stivicic

Tena Stivicic was born in Zagreb in 1977 and wanders between two worlds. She's Croatian and lives in London, and she writes in both English and Croatian. It's therefore hardly surprising that she lets the two different worlds clash in her plays: In "Fireflies", for example, which was shown at the biannual theatre festival in Wiesbaden in 2008 and was recently premiered there in German. In this play, people of mixed nationalities are  marooned at a snowed-in airport.

Or again likewise in Fragile!, a play written in English and premiered in London in 2007, which won a diversity of prizes in Croatia and Slovenia. Here the paths of migrants with an assortment of  backgrounds cross at a Bulgarian club in London. Tomo Mirko Pavlovic is giving a more detailed report on Fragile!

Strangely enough, "Fragile!" is being premiered in German for the second time, this time in Germany. Petra Kohse knows how this came about. Further to this Croatia's theatrical landscape, which now has to get along without Tena Stevicic who has moved to England, will be reported on by Gordana Vnuk.

(photo copyright: Theatre of Osnabrück)