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Mark-Anthony Turnage

Mark-Anthony Turnage Mark-Anthony Turnage born 1960 in Corrington, Essex, is ranked as one of the most important contemporary British Composers. At 15 he was accepted at the Junior Department of the Royal College of Music where he studied composition with Oliver Knussen and John Lambert. Later at a Summer school in Tanglewood, USA, Hans-Werner Henze was one of his teachers.

Through Henze, who became a very important mentor to him, Turnage received a commission to compose a piece for the first Munich Biennial. The outcome was the Opera Greek which brought about the breakthrough of the young English composer. The integration of Jazz and Rock elements brought widespread enthusiasm. Although he continued to be labelled as rebellious, Turnage's work soon began to be taken into the repertoires of prestigious orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. A few years ago he was Composer in residence for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Aesthetically it is difficult to put Mark-Anthony Turnage into one pigeonhole, his music is too varied. In the works Dark Crossing and The Game is Over performed in the Spieltriebe3 festival Wolfgang Behrens has discovered the lyricist in the angry young man.

(photo copyright: Theatre of Osnabrück)