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Henrik Hellstenius


Henrik Hellstenius

Henrik Hellstenius was born in the Norwegian town of Bærum in 1963. He first studied musicology at the University of Oslo and later dedicated himself to studying composition with Lasse Thoresen at the Norwegian State Academy. From 1992 to 1993 he continued his studies at the Conservatoire Superieure in Paris with Gérard Grisey. Additionally, he attended the Parisian research institute for acoustics and music IRCAM.

At present Hellstenius is a professor of composition at the Oslo College of Music. He has composed two operas as well as chamber music, orchestra and electroacoustic pieces for music and theatre. In his first opera "Sera", which had its world premiere in 1999, the phenomenon of sound stands in the centre of attention: it's about "silence and noise, chaos and an angel". In Ophelias: Death by water singing, which is being staged at the Spieltriebe 3-Festival in Osnabrück for the first time in Germany, Verena Großkreutz has discovered the logic of the sound in the dream.

(photo copyright: Theater of Osnabrück)