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José Manuel Mora

moraJosé Manuel Mora (real name José Mora Ortiz) was born in Sevilla in Spain in 1978. Here he completed his acting studies, before going on to study dramaturgy and stage direction in Madrid.

With his practically orientated approach to theatre, Mora is a typical representative of contemporary Spanish authors. This is also explained in Wilfried Floeck's background report on the theatrical landscape of Spain.

However, his international success is rather untypical. His texts were not only performed in Spanish speaking countries, but also in London and Warsaw. In 2006 he enrolled in Amsterdam's DasArts Institute.

My Soul Elsewhere was presented as a dramatic reading in Barcelona in 2007, and in Berlin in 2008. The world premiere in German translation by Franziska Muche is being performed in Osnabrück as part of the Spieltriebe 3 festival in October 2009.

Sabine Leucht deals with the form and content of this text in the profile on the play. And here you can hear (and see) José Manuel Mora reading from his play.

(photo copyright: Theatre of Osnabrück)