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Short information on A (II) RH +

This text by the Moldovan playwright Nicoleta Esinencu is a about a blood type.To be exact, it is about a real and true blood type that every good patriot should have. It's also about the correct name that a patriot should have, as well as the right nose.

A (II) RH+ (say: a two rhesus positive) is the monologue of a a chauvinistic authority. A man decides that from now on, he will not only bang his fist on the table but become politically active for his country. He works at a blood donation place and starts to spit into the blood preserves which, according to him, don't have the right origin. But what is nationally correct in a multinational state? With whose blood will his daughter survive when he once again beats her up yet again?

A (II) RH +
by Nicoleta Esinencu
Translated from Romanian to German by Georg Aescht

Stage direction: Markus Bauer
Stage and costume design: Teresa Hahn
Dramaturgy: Jürgen Popig

With: Dietmar Nieder and Lieko Schulze

Premiere on September 4th 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, Winkelhausen-Kaserne, Offizierscasino

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