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Short information on My Soul Elsewhere

An elderly couple and a young girl. The same young girl as the wife of the couple's son. Their daughter. Lots of ill dogs. The Spanish author José Manuel Mora has tightly interwoven and even more tightly entwined the characters performing in his play.

Who actually loves whom and who is being watched by whom? Who goes ahead and who remains where they are? Who is guilty of guilt? Only the person who took action, or the person who let it happen too? An intimate play with short dialogues – more is implied than actually told, and certainly more is risked than actually won in the end. "My Soul Elsewhere" (Mi alma en otra parte) not only has its premiere in German language in Osnabrück, it also has its world premiere. Dea Loher has written "It's a highly poetic and at the same time relentless play" about the first play of the 31-year old author. It's exciting too.

My Soul Elsewhere
by José Manuel Mora

Translation from Spanish to German by Franziska Muche

Stage director: Thorleifur Arnarsson
Stage and costume design: Victoria Strikic
Dramaturgy: Patricia Nickel-Dönicke

With: Clemens Dönicke, Klaus Fischer, Verena Fitz, Christel Leuner

Premiere on 4th September 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, Winkelhausen-Kaserne, Military police

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