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Short information on Shakespeare is dead – get over it!

William loves Anna and hates globalisation. Anna doesn't care about globalisation, for she is an actress – but she loves William, the biggest opponent of globalisation here and now, as well as the dead writer of the past: William Sh., you know who. He is in turn not liked by William.

Can you create a home in no-man's-land where you can simply hug each other tightly? Does all the information that applies to you or is similar to you shape something like a life? If so, is it really your own? The Belgian playwright Paul Pourveur has designed a kind of model kit, in which he reflects parts of post modern biographies in history and, in a sense, hangs it up to dry on the progress of a rather easy-going relationship. In the end everyone is dead and the author advises comically for the last time: "Live decently, remember what is to follow".

Shakespeare ist dead – get over it!
by Paul Pourveur
Translatend from Flemish to German by Uwe Dethier

Stage direction: Nina Mattenklotz
Stage Design: Juli Zippel
Costume Design: Annika Kerstin Träger
Dramaturgy: Armin Breidenbach

With: Saskia Boden, Andrea Casabianchi, Britta Firmer, Oliver Meskendahl, Friedrich Witte

Premiere on September 4th 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, Alter Güterbahnhof, Ringlokschuppen

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