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Short information on God is Beauty

Painter Vilho Lampi paints and is at odds with painting. He paints like someone cutting hay on a field by the seashore, travels to Mexico, sets up his painters scaffold on ice fields. He besmears himself with paint, visits the Louvre and in the end is ready to believe that all his previous works are bad.

Kristian Smeds character performs in ten scenes in "God is beauty" and forms the image of an artist who is in service of beauty, which ever since Modernism began is not an easy thing to do. The painter Vilho Lampi really existed (1898 – 1936).  Smed's play is based on a novel about him, yet still shows a universal figure who wants to be free and struggles to break free from his chains, revealing that precisely this battle is the subject of art today.

God is Beauty
by Kristian Smeds
Translation from Finish to German by Eeva Bergroth und Martina Marti

Stage director: Jan-Christoph Gockel
Stage design: Anabel Fröhlich
Costume design: Dominique Muszynski
Dramaturgy: Jürgen Popig

With: Alexander Jaschik, Laurenz Leky

Premiere on September 4th, 2009, Theatre Osnabrück, Von-Stein-Kaserne, Kino

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