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Reviews and articles on the Spieltriebe 3 Festival from September 4th to 7th, 2009

Osnabrück, September 6th 2009. It's not a festival without a discussion! Europatriots? European plays in German theatre was the theme of the foyer event today, where amongst others Andreas Beck from the Vienna playhouse and translator Mirjana Wittman contemplated the difficulties transferring foreign plays. Although all in all, as Wolfgang Behrens reports, the situation isn't too bad.

Osnabrück, September 6th 2009. On the second day of the festival Christian Rakow discovered at the German premiere of Paul Pourveurs Shakespeare is dead directed by Nina Mattenklotz theatre that is in two respects on the level of post-modern theory. There hasn't been anything like it since René Pollesch he marvels in wonder. Wolfgang Behrens is intoxicated by the room installation of the opera Ophelias:Death by water singing and is appreciative about the complexity of the issue of womens rights in Orange Peel by Maja Pelevic.

Osnabrück, September 5th 2009. A play which eight playwrights wrote together during the author workshops in June is presented at the festival brunch this morning at half past eleven in the theatre at the Domhof in Osnabrück. In a relay stick drama Christian Rakow believes the authors have gone into turbo mode. He explains why drastic doesn't always turn into relevance.

Osnabrück, September 5th 2009. Yesterday the Spieltriebe 3 European Edition Festival began. On five alternative routes the audience were able to enjoy 14 different productions.
Three writers took a look. Christian Rakow watched the Bulgarian piece which was covered by all of the routes and then set off in the direction of Croatia and the Netherlands. Heiko Ostendorf decided on the Finnish play and the dance productions by the new choreographer Nanine Linning. Wolfgang Behrens took on the racism rhetoric of Moldova and the entanglement of guilt in the Spanish play.


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